• Who are we?

    Attuned[Att] is a North American guild and community that enjoys playing and completing content in Guild Wars 2.

    We primarily focus on large-scale end-game group content such as the Triple Trouble Wurm, the Chak Gerents, and Dragon Stand!

    You can find out more about us here!

  • What do we do?

    Formed by the veterans that orchestrated the North American first Triple Trouble Wurm kill, our specialty is organizing World Boss kills and Meta Event content completion.

    Even though we primarily deal with large-scale group content, we also aim to provide a vibrant community outside of these events!

    You can learn more about our tactics here!

  • Apply to Attuned!

    Interested in becoming a full-time member of Attuned?

    Please read and understand the rules and expectations we have listed here.

    After you have read our Rules and Expectations, please fill out an application here.

  • We organize World Firsts, World Record Runs, and Unique Challenges to make Guild Wars 2 more fun for the players!

  • Formed after the North American Servers first defeated the Triple Trouble Wurm terrorizing Bloodtide Coast on Jaunuary 29th, 2014!

  • We help out our fellow gamers in the gaming community by supporting tactics such as 'MS Toga' and 'Pink Day In LA' each year!

We are Attuned[Att]

Our niche is organizing and defeating world boss content, such as the Triple Trouble Wurm as well as the Chak Gerent. We also do speed kills of regular world boss events! You can find out more about us here.



Smash the Shatterer! Kill the Shatterer in Blazeridge Steppes without him ever taking to the skies. N/A
Inquest Golem Mark II - SpeedKill Destroy the Inquest Golem Mark II in Mount Maelstrom in under 90 Seconds. N/A
Karka Queen - SpeedKill Slay the Karka Queen on Southsun Cove in under 1 Minute. N/A
Great Jungle Wurm - SpeedKill Defeat the Great Jungle Wurm in Caledon Forst in under 20 Seconds. N/A
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