• Who are we?

    Attuned[Att] is a North American guild and community that enjoys playing and completing content in Guild Wars 2.

    We primarily focus on large-scale end-game group content such as the Triple Trouble Wurm, the Chak Gerents, and Dragon Stand!

    You can find out more about us here!

  • What do we do?

    Formed by the veterans that orchestrated the North American first Triple Trouble Wurm kill, our specialty is organizing World Boss kills and Meta Event content completion.

    Even though we primarily deal with large-scale group content, we also aim to provide a vibrant community outside of these events.

    You can learn more about our tactics here!

  • Apply to Attuned!

    Interested in becoming a full-time member of Attuned?

    Please read and understand the rules and expectations we have listed here.

    After you have read our Rules and Expectations, please fill out an application here.


Overview: Consumables

The three primary consumable items Attuned carries on them at all times are:

(Click the name of the item to go to it's respective Wiki page!)


[Fire Elemental Powder]

• Occassionally drops three fire fields on its target, they are considered Fire Fields and can generate Might with a blast finisher!

• Price: 1s 4c

• Duration: 5 Minutes

• Cooldown: 30 Minutes


[Ogre Pet Whistle(s)]

• Possible Summons: Black Bear, Black Raptor, Crimson Moa, Hawkeye Griffon, Hyena, Melandru's Stalker, Rock Dog, Whiptail Devourer

• Price: 1s 4c

• Duration: 5 Minutes

• Cooldown: 30 Minutes


[Deployable Mortar Kit(s)]

• The projectiles shot by the mortar deal around 1000 AoE-damage in a 200 radius (at level 80). The damage is not affected by the power of the character who set the mortar. The mortar shoots every 4 seconds.

• Price: 1s 4c

• Duration: 1 Minutes

• Cooldown: 30 Minutes