• Who are we?

    Attuned[Att] is a North American guild and community that enjoys playing and completing content in Guild Wars 2.

    We primarily focus on large-scale end-game group content such as the Triple Trouble Wurm, the Chak Gerents, and Dragon Stand!

    You can find out more about us here!

  • What do we do?

    Formed by the veterans that orchestrated the North American first Triple Trouble Wurm kill, our specialty is organizing World Boss kills and Meta Event content completion.

    Even though we primarily deal with large-scale group content, we also aim to provide a vibrant community outside of these events.

    You can learn more about our tactics here!

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Overview: Dragon Stand

Dragon Stand is the name given to the map-wide Meta Event that involves setting up various bases as each Lane's squad pushes deeper and deeper into Mordremoth's territory. The players must do this by completing local events at each staging outpost and repeatedly killing Mordremoth's commanders as they push the Mordrem back into their territory. If the Meta Event is not completed within the given 2 hour time limit, The Mouth of Mordremoth will absorb enough Ley Energy and eradicate the entire map, killing and pushing everyone back to the Pact Base Camp on the north-east edge of the map, while also wiping all progress made by the events across its domain.

To succeed in this Meta Event and take the battle to the Mouth of Mordremoth, the map must destroying all three Blighting Towers. This will result in the timer being paused, allowing the final battle against the Mouth of Mordremoth to take place without the pressure of a timer.



When you are running events with Attuned, please take note of the following:

1. It is very important that you are able to connect to our Teamspeak server at ts.gw2attuned.org (no password). Talking is not required, but it is important that you are able to listen. If you do not have Teamspeak please go to teamspeak.com and download the client. This is required as our Commanders will be giving instructions specific to each Wurm head and following those instructions are crucial to the success of the event.

2. Be sure that you are bringing the best damage build that you can bring, Exotic LvL80 Armor, Weapons, Trinkets or higher are preferable. Please consider using one the builds that we offer within our guides.

3. It is highly encouraged to obtain consumables such as Fire Elemental Powders, Ogre Pet Whistles and Deployable Mortar Kits for use if the commander calls for it. Check out our Consumables Guide for more info.

4. Use Superior Sigil of Bloodlust for Power builds or Superior Sigil of Corruption for Condition builds. Having at least one of these Sigils on one of your equipped weapons is highly beneficial to the overall damage our teams can do.

5. We will always provide feasts of Orrian Truffle Steaks(Power) and Rare Veggie Pizzas(Condition), a Hero Banner/Road Markers(Crimson), as well as Sharpening Stone Stations for each group.


Set Up

There are three lanes (North, Middle and South), each with their own chain of events leading the Pact towards one of three Blighting Towers. The Pact must gather equipment and allied forces along the way, while destroying Mordrem Spitfires and claiming their locations as forward encampments. At the start of the meta event, and after taking each one of the forward camps, 2-3 events will occur per lane. By quickly clearing these events, the push can be much faster.

After claiming the first Spitfire in a lane, that lane's respective Mordrem Commander will spawn near their Gate to the Blighted Towers, and begin slowly marching towards the Pact convoy. These Legendary enemies will delay the escort and preparatory events alike, so engaging them in battle before they disrupt the push is crucial. These will respawn periodically.

• North Lane - Adryn, the Stavemaster

• Middle Lane - Diarmid, the Blademaster

• South Lane - Hareth, the Axemaster


Blighting Towers

All three lanes must reach the gates to begin the tower phase.

When the gates open, each lane will enter a room with a boss in the center. The boss is invincible unless all three pods are destroyed. After all pods are destroyed, the Veteran Mordrem Preservers which keep spawning around the room (90 seconds after the last one was defeated) need to be taken out continuously. If they are allowed to reach the center, they will heal the pods or spawn them. If a pod spawns, the boss becomes invincible again. If the boss is already defeated when a pod spawns, it is revived. All three legendary commanders must be dead simultaneously for map events to continue.

The usual tactic for this part of the meta event is to use two commanders and groups on each tower, one commander squad with 10 players, and the other commander squad with the rest (majority) of the players. The larger squad runs continuously around the tower defeating the three preservers (as they respawn), whilst the smaller squad engages the legendary in the center.


Mouth of Mordremoth

After defeating the three commanders, the timer is stopped, and Dragon's Domain becomes available to enter. The Updraft Use mastery is required to navigate this area; any further Gliding masteries will help the process. In particular, Ley Line Gliding makes navigation much easier as the islands are directly connected by these channels.

Soon afterwards, the Mouth of Mordremoth attacks. To achieve success, players must split their numbers across each island. The Mouth or a section of its body will attack islands at random, and the players will be able to damage it. Using control effects when the breakbar is active is recommended as this will prevent Mordremoth from eating the island (if this happens, anticipate having to glide away). Soon after passing a 25% health mark, Mordremoth's commanders will appear on three of the islands, two of them (Diarmid and Hareth's islands) will be wrapped around by Mordremoth's body and if they are not killed within a timer, those two islands will be destroyed; Adryn gives buffs to the two other commanders, requiring his death as well.



Upon defeating the Mouth of Mordremoth, a cinematic will play showing its death - after which you can glide into the updrafts to the reward chest on the highest floating island, where you can also find a Crystalline Ore Collector vendor.

After the Mouth of Mordremoth is defeated, special areas on the map will be opened containing Noxious Pods that are opened using Machetes . There are multiple "secret sections" like this that are open only on mapwide victory. Red arrows on your map will hint at where the secret passage to these "hidden" sections containing the pods are (the only source for Crystalline Ore in the game apart from personal story rewards). During this period, Rangers can find and charm 2 pets available only on this map, the Juvenile Tiger and Juvenile Electric Wyvern.