• Who are we?

    Attuned[Att] is a North American guild and community that enjoys playing and completing content in Guild Wars 2.

    We primarily focus on large-scale end-game group content such as the Triple Trouble Wurm, the Chak Gerents, and Dragon Stand!

    You can find out more about us here!

  • What do we do?

    Formed by the veterans that orchestrated the North American first Triple Trouble Wurm kill, our specialty is organizing World Boss kills and Meta Event content completion.

    Even though we primarily deal with large-scale group content, we also aim to provide a vibrant community outside of these events.

    You can learn more about our tactics here!

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    Interested in becoming a full-time member of Attuned?

    Please read and understand the rules and expectations we have listed here.

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Overview: Verdant Brink

Verdant Brink follows a day and night cycle. The day time is where defenses are prepared in order to help defend the pact during the night time. During both day and night as events progress further their respective chains, airship cargo will appear and that is where most of the loot comes from. At the start of the meta, all waypoints, except one (Shipwreck Peak) will be contested making moving around the map more difficult. This entire map meta can be completed with 60 players relatively easily if they know what they’re doing.



When you are running events with Attuned, please take note of the following:

1. It is very important that you are able to connect to our Teamspeak server at ts.gw2attuned.org (no password). Talking is not required, but it is important that you are able to listen. If you do not have Teamspeak please go to teamspeak.com and download the client. This is required as our Commanders will be giving instructions specific to each Wurm head and following those instructions are crucial to the success of the event.

2. Be sure that you are bringing the best damage build that you can bring, Exotic LvL80 Armor, Weapons, Trinkets or higher are preferable. Please consider using one the builds that we offer within our guides.

3. It is highly encouraged to obtain consumables such as Fire Elemental Powders, Ogre Pet Whistles and Deployable Mortar Kits for use if the commander calls for it. Check out our Consumables Guide for more info.

4. Use Superior Sigil of Bloodlust for Power builds or Superior Sigil of Corruption for Condition builds. Having at least one of these Sigils on one of your equipped weapons is highly beneficial to the overall damage our teams can do.

5. We will always provide feasts of Orrian Truffle Steaks(Power) and Rare Veggie Pizzas(Condition), a Hero Banner/Road Markers(Crimson), as well as Sharpening Stone Stations for each group.


Day Cycle: Securing Verdant Brink

During the day, there will be five main event chains, these are:

• Pale Reavers: This chain starts near Shipwreck Peak weapons and you proceed to escort the Pale Reavers towards the Shrouded Ruins where you will eventually end up fighting a giant vine crawler.

• Itzel: Starts at Jaka Itzel and you will help the Itzel tribe replenish their supplies, protect their village and fight the Zintl. This chain ends with a fight against a legendary wyvern, prepare your CCs to make the final event easier and faster.

•Pact Encampment: Starts in Stonetwist Paths where you will help rally the scattered pact members and eventually resolve incidents involving Sylvari. This event chain ends up with destroying tendrils belonging to Mordremoth.

• Nobles Crash Site: Starts at Noble Ledges and leads to the jungle at Hidden Copse where you will regroup with Lord Faren, make your way to a cliff where you will fight a Legendary Wyvern.

• Ordnance Corps: This one starts in Broken Bluffs and you will eventually make your way to the crashed airship, gather explosives and blow up a blighting tree while fending a boss called Diarmid.

Every outpost’s event chain consists of 5 events or more. As the events are completed, the corresponding waypoint will be unlocked making movement across the map easier. 12 players are more than enough to complete each chain and finish with time to spare. You can use that spare time to complete adventures and gather airship cargo for loot while you wait for the night cycle to start. The night cycle will start 75 minutes after the beginning of the day cycle.


Night Cycle: Night and the Enemy

The first part of the night cycle is spent defending rally points. There are up to four rally points per outposts, 5 outposts for a total of 20. There is one outpost close to each of the five waypoints that are unlocked by completing the day time events and three more further away from that waypoint. It only takes a group of 3 players to successfully defend an outpost, hence the minimum number of 60 players. This also bring up the point of dynamic scaling. Thanks to scaling in GW2, more numbers isn’t always better. It is better to spread your players evenly between each rally point is you can have 3 or more per rally point than having everyone at the same rally point defending it. The enemies will be easier to take care of with a small group at each rally point rather than a large group of >20 players.

In order to increase the map tier during the night, it is better to defend every rally point rather than concentrate on only 5. It is possible to bring the map to tier 4 while loosing some however, but prioritize defending as many rally points as the number of players permit. The night will start with the defense events active. These events last for 4 minutes and afterwards you have 6 minutes to complete the other events such as escorting pact soldiers to rally points, gathering supplies from crashed choppers and defeating mordrem champions. Every soldier that successfully make it to a rally point will increase the tier of that rally point by 1. Players can also bring pact supplies to increase the tier of a rally point, but it will take more than a single crate to do so. Players should return to their assigned rally points before the next set of defense events start. If a rally point’s bar is completely empty and 30 seconds remain, it is impossible to loose that rally point. Higher tier rally points also make the map tier progress faster if the defense events are successfully completed. The map tier should be halfway to 2 25 minutes after the start of the night in order to attain tier 4. Splitting players to 3 or more per rally point rather than zerging cannot be stressed enough, this is what makes or break a successful tier 4 Verdant Brink.

25 minutes after the start of the night, choppers will land at every rally point under pact control. These choppers will take you to one of 5 canopy bosses depending on the outpost associated with the rally point. Defeating one will spawn a large airship cargo where it was defeated.

• Pale Reavers takes you to the Wyvern Patriarch. Every quarter of its HP, the Patriarch will gain a shield and it is necessary to grab a wyvern egg and drop it on the Patriarch while gliding to get the shield down. It will take multiple eggs to get the shield down. The rest of the fight basically consists of damaging the Patriarch and avoiding its AoEs. Updraft mastery is required for this fight.

• Jaka Itzel will take you to Cotoni and Huetzi. The mechanic to watch for here is that eventually one of these two will get to a healing spring and you need to follow them and break their bar to prevent them from healing. Jumping mushroom mastery is required in order to do this.

• Pact Encampment will take you to the Wyvern Matriarch. This fight is the same as the two other legendary wyverns during the day cycle. Simply make sure you have CCs ready when it takes off. Basic gliding mastery is required for this.

• Noble Ledges will take you to Axemaster Gwyllion. Nuhoc stealth detection is very useful for this one. Eventually the boss will stealth and if its bar isn’t broken, it will one shot everyone. This boss also teleports when using stealth so paying attention to the surroundings and minimap is important.

• Ordnance Camp takes you to the Tetrad. This fight starts with 3 champions that are more powerful if they are close to each other. Splitting them up is not required to kill them however, it just makes it more difficult. Once the three champions are dead, a legendary enemy will appear. This one uses CCs, so keep your back to a pillar so you do not fall off. Waves will be launched from the center when it teleports back there, it is possible to jump over them. Basic gliding mastery is required for this, updrafts isn’t, but it helps come back to the fight if you get knocked off the platform.

Killing all 5 bosses should get the map to tier 4. If it is not yet to tier 4, there is still hope if it is close, thee are still some events that can be completed on the ground to get that last sliver necessary, but it will be difficult. There is a time limit of 20 minutes until the night ends in which the bosses can be killed. If there is time to spare, it is airship cargo gathering time again!