• Who are we?

    Attuned[Att] is a North American guild and community that enjoys playing and completing content in Guild Wars 2.

    We primarily focus on large-scale end-game group content such as the Triple Trouble Wurm, the Chak Gerents, and Dragon Stand!

    You can find out more about us here!

  • What do we do?

    Formed by the veterans that orchestrated the North American first Triple Trouble Wurm kill, our specialty is organizing World Boss kills and Meta Event content completion.

    Even though we primarily deal with large-scale group content, we also aim to provide a vibrant community outside of these events!

    You can learn more about our tactics here!

  • Apply to Attuned!

    Interested in becoming a full-time member of Attuned?

    Please read and understand the rules and expectations we have listed here.

    After you have read our Rules and Expectations, please fill out an application here.



Attuned [Att] is a cross-server NA PvX guild. Our niche is organizing world boss content including the more difficult encounters such as the Triple Trouble Wurm and the Chak Gerents as well as speed clearing normal world bosses. Even though we have an online presence throughout most of the day, it is important to note that our events, particularly Triple Trouble Wurm and Chak Gerent, are usually held shortly after daily reset time (00:00 GMT).

Ensure that you've read the About Us and Rules sections before creating an application. Continuing with the application process implies your understanding and willingness to comply to all of the listed rules.

If you are unable to attend our events, which usually happens shortly after reset (00:00 GMT), please reconsider your application.

If you are a former member reapplying, please fill out the application in full.

Advice: Try to put in as much detail as you can (without bloat/fluff); this will vastly improve your chances of being accepted. Single-sentence applications are looked at unfavorably!


Membership Application

Attuned is currently accepting all players who wish to join our ranks as Prospects!

The Prospect rank allow players interested in Attuned to instantly join our ranks and get a feel for what being a member of Attuned is like. With this hands-on experience, you can decide for yourself if Attuned would be a good fit for you. Prospects are not required to fill out any applications until they decide if Attuned is the right guild for them! Think of it as a "Free Trial" of recruitment that only ends when you want it to! :)

Note: Prospects do not receive all the perks of a full member of Attuned, including but not limited to in-game permissions and being eligible for guild raffles.

If you're interested in joining, message any guild member and they will send you an invitation as soon as they can!

Click here if you are already a Prospect of Attuned and wish to be promoted to a full-time Member!


Commander Application

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Raid Leader Application

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